• YUCHAI Open Diesel Generator Set

    YUCHAI Open Diesel Generator Set

    YUCHAI Open Type Diesel Generator sets have the characteristics of compact structure, small size, large power reserve, stable operation, good speed regulation performance, low fuel consumption, low emissions, low noise and high reliability. The power range is 36-650KW. It is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, Posts and telecommunications, shopping malls, hotels, offices, schools, and high-rise buildings are used as conventional power sources or backup emergency power sources.

  • YUCHAI Open Diesel Generator Set DD Y50-Y2400

    YUCHAI Open Diesel Generator Set DD Y50-Y2400

    YUCHAI began to develop and produce six-cylinder diesel engines in 1981. The stable and reliable quality has won the favor of users, and has been listed as an energy-saving product by the country, confirming the brand status of “Yuchi Machinery, Ace Power”. The YUCHAI engine adopts a concave-convex body of alloy material with curved reinforcement ribs on both sides to enhance the rigidity and shock absorption performance of the body.