The Necessity and Method of New Engine Running-in of Diesel Generator

Before the new generator is put into operation, it must be run-in according to the technical requirements of the diesel engine manual to make the surface of the moving parts smoother and prolong the service life of the diesel engine. During the running-in period of the generator, try to avoid running the engine under no load and low load for a long time, otherwise it will not only increase the oil consumption rate and leak oil/diesel from the exhaust pipe, but also cause carbon deposits and fuel on the piston and piston ring grooves. The burning does not dilute the engine oil. Therefore, when the engine is running at low load, the running time should not be more than 10 minutes. As a backup generator, it must run at full load for at least 4 hours a year to burn off the coke deposits in the engine and exhaust system, otherwise it will affect the life and quality of the moving parts of the diesel engine.

Steps of the generator running-in method: No-load and idling running-in the generator, carefully check according to the previous method, after all aspects are normal, you can start the generator. After the generator is started, adjust the speed to idle speed and run for 10 minutes. And check the oil pressure, listen to the sound of the diesel engine, and then stop.

Open the side cover of the cylinder block, touch the temperature of the main bearing, connecting rod bearing, etc. with your hands, and the temperature should not be higher than 80℃, that is, it is normal that it is not too hot, and observe the operation of each part. If the temperature and structure of all parts are normal, continue running-in according to the following specifications.

The engine speed is gradually increased from idle speed to rated speed, and the speed is increased to 1500r/min, but it should be operated continuously for 2 minutes at each speed, and the maximum no-load speed operation time should not exceed 5-10 minutes. During the running-in period, the cooling water temperature should be maintained at 75-80°C, and the engine oil temperature should not be higher than 90°C.

For running-in under load, all aspects of the generator must be normal, and the load must meet the technical requirements. Under the rated speed, add load to run-in, the load is gradually increased. First, run-in at 25% of the rated load; run-in at 50% of the rated load; and run-in at 80% of the rated load. During the engine running-in period, check the oil level every 4 hours, change the lubricating oil, clean the oil pan and oil filter. Check the tightening of the main bearing nut, connecting rod nut, cylinder head nut, fuel injection pump and fuel injector; check the valve clearance and calibrate it if necessary.

The generator should meet the technical requirements after running-in: the generator should be able to start quickly without failure; the generator should run stably within the rated load, with no uneven speed, no abnormal sound; when the load changes sharply, the diesel engine speed can quickly stabilize. Do not fly or jump when fast. No flameout at slow speed, no shortage of cylinder work. The transition of different load conditions should be smooth, the exhaust smoke color should be normal; the cooling water temperature is normal, the oil pressure load meets the regulations, and the temperature of the lubricating parts is normal; the generator has no oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, and electricity leakage.

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Post time: Nov-30-2021